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Fire Ant Control Print E-mail
Fire ants are dangerous to humans and pets. Some people may have or develop allergic reactions to their bites. We can control fire ants for up to one year with a single application of Bayer TopChoice.
What are Carpenter Ants? Print E-mail
Carpenter ants are a homeowner''s #1 nuisance pest. They ususally appear at night. We can control them and guaranteed for 6 months.
How do I control Termites? Print E-mail

Termidor is the world''s most effective termite control, eliminating 100% of subterranean termites in three months or less.  It works the first time, every time!  To find out more about termidor, visit Termidor''s Website .

Do I have termites? Print E-mail

Termiscope, available from A-Key Exterminators, is the industry’s first multi-functional Visual Termite monitoring system that works anywhere, even in concrete.

Once activated, the florescent green “visual alert” signals the homeowner of present termite activity.  Its available in visual alert, concrete/slab, and standard wood monitoring options.

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