Termites? If you're not asking for Termidor you're asking for trouble!
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How to protect your home against Termites Print E-mail
A home is the biggest investment many people make. What are you doing to prevent your home against subterranean termites? According to Dr. Philip G. Koehter, University of Florida, "every year termites cause more damage to houses in Florida than fire. Many Floridians have fire detectors installed in their homes. They replace the batteries in the detectors on a regular basis. But about 50% of Floridians do nothing for termites, except hope that termites won''t swarm and make their presence known. Every year termites cause more damage than storms. The news has radar that updates people during times when storms are present to let people know what to do. People buy plywood to cover windows and doors during hurricanes. They prepare their yards by removing tables, chairs, and other items from being blown away. But homeowners insurance cover that type of damage. Homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage.

Every year termites cause more damage than floods. If you live in a low-lying area, you will probably buy flood insurance. But the best protection from termites is a properly applied termicide. The termicide can be applied as a bait or as a soil treatment. These treatments cannot be bought at Lowe''s or Home Depot. They must be applied by a pest management professional."

Conclusion: What can be done to protect your home?

  • Termidor.  A-Key Exterminators recommends treating your home with Termidor. Call for a free estimate. 
  • Termiscope.  If you''re not prepared for treatment immediately, you can have a monitoring system installed where you can self-monitor for the presence of termites around your home. When monitors show signs of activity around your home, it''s time for a treatment. Don''t wait much longer. Many systems can be done for under $100.00 with the Termiscope system. The Termiscope system, with its innovative visual alert, will aid in protecting your biggest investment your home.

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