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Found a bug and don't know what it is?  Try this website.  It has professionally written, easy-to-read articles on everything from common pests to pest management techniques to internet myths help homeowners answer pest management questions and better understand pest control issues. Photos accompany each article to further assist consumers in identifying their pest management problems. Articles are organized by name of pest, as well as by categories that include Insects and Spiders Around Our Homes, Pests in the Landscape and Garden, Birds, Rodents and Other Vertebrates, and Pest Control Materials and Methods. New and interesting articles, such as the real story on internet myths like Red Butt Spiders and Camel Spiders and an article called “The Roadkill Cafe” that will appeal to CSl fanatics, are added constantly to make sure the site stays fresh and up-to-date.


Dig out the truth about Termites at the web’s most comprehensive resource for learning about America’s $5 billion termite problem. If you’re concerned about termites in your home, or want to learn how to prevent termite damage, you’re in the right place.

The Termite Institute features an interactive termite map detailing current termite risk throughout the country, tips for selecting a pest professional, information on popular termite treatments, and answers to the most frequently asked termite-related questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, simply email our expert entomologists! Just click the section you’d like to get started. 

Ants are incredibly social insects. But that doesn’t mean you need to include them on the invitation list for your next cocktail party. At the Ant Institute™, you can learn about America’s number one nuisance pest in an easy, friendly and informative atmosphere. Browse the resources available to you here – from identification of ants to their control and prevention – before meeting with a pest professional or attempting to tackle an ant infestation on your own.

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